Meet Your Maker Builds to Release Today

Build, Raid, Survive

Welcome to the end of the world. Builders and Raiders, it’s time to get to work. Build impenetrable fortresses, or prove they aren’t. Today, Behaviour Interactive is excited to announce the release of their  first-person building-and-raiding game, Meet Your Maker, on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. Interestingly, the game combines elements of FPS games, builders and dungeon runners to create a unique multiplayer, versus, experience. A press release provides more details about the game and it’s release. Additionally, a launch trailer gives players a look at the game in all of its glory. 

Meet Your Maker introduces players to different sides that make up a whole.  Builders and Raiders. Of course builders aim to design an impenetrable fortress that cannot be bypassed. The raiders’ job is to break into this fortress battling their way past minions, traps, and worse to secure the treasure and escape. Importantly, this treasure is nothing other than a highly sought after resource in the post-apocalyptic wasteland players build in. Raiding allows players to upgrade their own outposts This leads to a constant back and forth between players, raiding and building. 

Importantly, two weeks after launch players can expect constant updates adding new content. Furthermore, players can grab new skins and bundles that add even more content to the game. Also, for fans of Behaviour’s hit game Dead By Daylight , the games are bringing exclusive cross-promotional rewards players will receive if they own both games. Check out the launch trailer for Meet Your Maker below. 

Meet Your Maker is out now on  PC, via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.