Call of Duty Secretly Pranks Cheaters In-Game, for Science

Call of Duty? Call of Science? Same Thing

Remember Game Dev Tycoon? That game’s known for… well, quite a few things, but the detail I care about today is its anti-piracy design. Those who pirated the game will still grow their in-game studio through game development, but over time, will see their earnings dip – not due to poor planning on their part, but because of in-universe piracy. These players will complain on forums, falsely assuming that this obstacle was universal. Laughter would be their answer – the display of irony drowning out all conversation. Anyway, take a look at this unrelated Call of Duty clip. Pay no attention to the title:

There are more of these. Many more. Call of Duty has some tricks up its sleeve for prospective cheaters.

All are strange, and may even look like bugs upon first glance. But they’re real, and keeping Call of Duty safe from cheaters.

And apparently, it does a lot more than that. In an official blog post. By leaving cheaters in the match, the developers gain new insights on how to identify and track typical cheater behavior while keeping normal Call of Duty players safe.

This comes alongside the creation of a new anti-cheat tool: Replay Investigation, which is exactly what it sounds like on the tin. Recorded match replays that developers can watch and learn from.

Using captured and stored match gameplay data, our teams can load up and watch any completed match as part of our investigation process. Replay will be used as one of many tools by the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team and our studio partners to identify cheating behavior in all multiplayer modes for both Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0, including Ranked Play.