Dungeons of Aether Set To Release On The Nintendo Switch In April

Dungeons of Aether Set To Release On The Nintendo Switch In April

Aether Studios is a unique video game developer that has worked on a variety of titles. Some of these include Rivals of Aether, Creatures of Aether and Dungeons of Aether. The company has announced that the game will release on the Nintendo Switch on April 6th. It is a turn-based dungeon crawler. The game had originally released on PC via Steam on February 28th.

In the game, players can travel to the town of Julesvale and enjoy new sprawling caverns. Furthermore, in the Story Mode, players can interact with town folks and spend hard-earned gold preparing for the next run. Beyond that, the game offers Challenge Dungeons, where players can test their skills. Moreover, players will enjoy the fact that Challenge Dungeons are randomly generated, with unique rules and starting equipment on each run.

Also, the developers have described the game’s combat as, “a dice draft system that ensures each battle is unique while challenging the player to adapt the pool of dice each turn. Use fortune to your favor to defeat your foes, collect treasures and shift the odds in your favor.” Additionally, the game introduces four new heroes to the world of Aether, each with their own memorable personalities and skills and abilities. Fleet, Hamir, Slade and Artemis all have a unique purpose on the battlefield.

What are your thoughts on Dungeons of Aether? Have you tried the game on PC since its release? Are you interested in its upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch in early April? What aspect of the game are you most looking forward to? Did you enjoy the Rivals of Aether showcase? Which new hero is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.