Valheim Developers Claim a PlayStation Version is Not In the Cards

Valheim has been a bit of a sleeper hit since it released in 2021. Currently available only on PC and Xbox platforms, the growing game has repeatedly been asked whether it’d arrive on other platforms’ shores. We now have an answer to that question! But unfortunately, it’s neither positive nor definitive.

Currently, we’re only looking at Xbox” said senior developer Jonathan SmÃ¥rs in an interview for the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast. The only hint we have of another version coming out was a quick “you never know“.

Clearly, those working at Valheim aren’t closing off the possibility entirely, and that alone is worth mention. It’s not something they’re approaching, but can in future. Whether their lack of investment reflects a lack of interest or corporate red tape, though, is unclear at this time.

Valheim is currently destined for Xbox Game Pass for the time being, which will inevitably allow more people than ever to try the game for themselves. But even still, it’s a more limited ecosystem than some players would like.

That Xbox podcast that the dev appeared on is just under 40 minutes in length, and touches on several topics. If you’d like to learn more about the game’s origin story from a major developer, that’s where you can get it!

How are you feeling about this news? Is this what you expected, or did it catch you off guard? Will you be trying out Valheim in the near future? If you’ve already played it, how much do you like it? Should other platforms get a taste of its quality? Let your voice be heard in the comments down below!