No Creeps Were Harmed Launching Into Early Access Later 2023

Corral Some Creeps 

It’s almost time to become the frontline defense against endless waves of creeps. Welcome to a love letter to tower defense games. Today, developer MinMax Games is happy to announce their upcoming complex tower defense strategy game, No Creeps Were Harmed. Combining elements of strategy, RTS, and action, the game is releasing to Steam Early Access later in 2023. A press release provides more details. Additionally, players can check out the new announcement trailer for a better look at the gameplay style of the game. 

No Creeps Were Harmed

No Creeps Were Harmed (NCWH) introduces players to a world of endless monsters. The game places players in massive 3D maps full of enemies. It is up to the player to construct an intricate defense system full of turrets, traps, and devices to stop the endless hordes of creeps aiming to destroy you. Of course, these turrets and devices are fully upgradeable. They can unleash devastatingly powerful abilities with unique perks. Importantly, as players learn to corral these monsters, they will start constructing walls to place turrets atop of. 

Of course, players can check out the game in the new announcement trailer. Take a look at the gameplay, art style, and hordes that you will be facing. So, you can view the new trailer below. 

No Creeps Were Harmed is releasing into Steam Early Access later in 2023. Importantly, players can wish list the game currently. So, do you think you have what it takes to save your base and defeat the creeps?