Hyper Light Breaker Early Access Release Has Been Delayed

Hyper Light Breaker Early Access Release Has Been Delayed

Gearbox Publishing along with Heart Machine planned to release Hyper Light Breaker into early access on PC via Steam this Spring. However, today, the companies have announced that the game will now enter into early access in fall, delaying the release by some months. Furthermore, the companies have released a new gameplay trailer showing off the game. Interested fans can add the game to their wish list on Steam today.

In the gameplay trailer, viewers got an in-depth look at various aspects of the game including its art style, graphics, combat and some of its protagonists. The game is gorgeous, fast-paced and described as a roguelite action adventure game. Furthermore, players head to the Overgrowth where they, along with friends, can explore new biomes, fight monsters, create new builds and attempt to overthrow King Abyss. Moreover, players will have the opportunity to assist the Settlement in flourishing with colorful characters and upgrades.

hyper light breaker replacing pixels with polygons

Additionally, the game offers fantastic co-operative play with online modes as teams of players, or Breakers, can come together to fight hordes of small and gigantic enemies in fast-paced third person combat.

Early Access programs have strived in the past, as it allows developers to work on their game while receiving feedback from the player-base as well as funding through purchases. The program, once properly utilized, will allow Hyper Light Breaker to flourish by the stage of its full release.

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