Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Hits Steam In Early April

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Hits Steam In Early April

Square Enix, a major video game publisher, has announced that Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will release on Steam on April 6th. The announcement comes a few months after the game’s initial release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Furthermore, it is currently available on PC via the Epic Games Store, as there was some exclusivity for a short period.

Via its official Twitter, the team stated, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin launches on Steam April 6th. The game is also now available at a permanently discounted price. You’ve heard that chaos awaits, but are you ready for what trials you may face? Therefore, besides the major announcement of the release date on Steam, future buyers can enjoy a permanently discounted game. Additionally, recently, players were able to jump into the game’s first DLC, Different Future, which released on January 27th, 2023.

In this hardcore RPG, players, as Jack, will face multiple challenges as he fights to bring light to the crystals of Cornelia, a kingdom conquered by darkness. Players will enjoy the favorite aspects of the Final Fantasy franchise including great gameplay, graphics and story. Moreover, the game offers weapon customization, different jobs and several difficulty levels that will pose unique challenges. The game’s release on Steam was long awaited for PC gamers.

What are your thoughts on Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin? Are you a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise? Did you try the game on Xbox, PlayStation or PC before? Have you purchased the game on the Epic Games Store? Are you interested in the game’s release on Steam? What do you think about exclusivity to EGS? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.