This Means Warp Launches Into Its Largest Update Yet: Update 4

Prepare for Boarding 

It’s never easy making your way through a hostile galaxy. But at least you can look good with your friends while you do. Today, Jagex and Outlier Games are excited to announce the launch of the newest update for their co-op space survival game, This Means Warp. The update, titled Update 4, introduces a host of new features including the ability to board other ships, as well as, cosmetic items. A press release provides details on the update. Additionally, a gameplay trailer from last year gives players a look at the gameplay and art style of the game. 

This Means War

This Means Warp introduces players to a co-op adventure through an inhospitable galaxy. Players can form a crew with their friends and try to keep their ship together as they adventure through space. Importantly, each run will be a different journey through a procedurally generated galaxy. Of course, your crew will face off against multiple threats in real-time battles. The fights you and the crew will face are hectic and you need to try and survive while keeping your ship in once piece. Or at least in flying condition. 

Update 4 is introducing a host of new content for your adventures. For instance, players can look forward to boarding enemy ships and wreaking havoc during battles. Of course, the update is also bringing new cosmetics for your space pioneer. Importantly, players can check out the gameplay trailer from last year for a look at the gameplay of the game. 

This Means Warp is currently available for Early Access on Steam.  So, are you excited for the new update?