Sanctuary Saga Prepares for More Adventure With New Roadmap

Turn-Based Roguelite 

It’s great to have a plan when updating a game. It’s even better when your player base can see the outline of the plan for themselves. Especially when that plan has so much adventure in store. Developer Boomer’s Workshop is excited to share the roadmap for their turn-based roguelite RPG, Sanctuary Saga. The roadmap is sharing a host of upcoming content with players, from starting skills to a rebranding of the tutorial level. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game and what is to come. Additionally, a trailer from a few weeks ago gives players a look at the art style and gameplay of the game. 

Sanctuary Saga

Sanctuary Saga places players in the role of different guild leaders. These leaders each have their own sets of skills and abilities that they will put to use as they adventure through the world of the Untamed Wilds. Importantly, the world itself is built of many different biomes, from deep forests to haunting scrublands and more. Of course, these biomes are home to challenging enemies and horrific bosses. Players will need to use all of their six unique heroes to defeat and overcome monsters in classic turn-based fights. Additionally, players can use classic RPG levelling to make each character stronger, while also monitoring the individual relationships between the members of their party. 

Of course, the new roadmap is offering a glimpse of what is to come with future updates. For instance, players can look forward to updates like increasing the boss loot, adding new skill progression, early game relationship levels, and more. You can get a look at the game in the trailer from a couple weeks ago. 

Sanctuary Saga is out now on PC via Steam. So, are you ready for the new updates coming to the game? Future updates can be checked out on the games official Discord