Stranded: Alien Dawn Unleashes Sow and Sell Update to Early Access

A Whole New Scenario

Survival is hard. It’s even harder when you and a small group are marooned on an alien planet. Now, there’s even more to worry about. Today, Frontier Developments is happy to announce the newest update for their survival sim, city-builder, Stranded: Alien Dawn. The update, titled Sow and Sell, brings a host of new content to the game including a new way to develop your settlement. A press release provides more details about the update. Additionally, a Sow and Sell update trailer gives fans a look at what they can expect in the update.


Stranded: Alien Dawn invites players to form a settlement on an alien planet. From growing food, to developing buildings, to managing every individual settler’s needs. Importantly, this planet is not without dangers. Players will need to create and manage their perfect defenses to ensure the survival of their people. 

Of course, there are many styles of play, many ways to survive being stranded. However, the introduction of the Sow and Sell update provides more ways to play. Players can now recruit workers, establish a trading center in your settlement and trade with four unique factions for new currencies. Additionally, the update also provides players with new research options – such as money-counterfeiting technology and hydroponic growing racks. These allow players to shift their settlement into a trade-focused location and benefit from everything that brings. Of course, players can check out the update and all it brings in the new trailer. 

Stranded: Alien Dawn’s Sow and Sell update is available now. Currently the game is available in Early Access on Steam