Paradox Interactive Announces Strategy Game The Lamplighters League

League of Lamplight

In the realm of turn-based strategy games, the XCOM franchise has kind of become the face of the genre. Whenever a new game in similar style comes out, it’s always “XCOM meets…” insert familiar name. Paradox Interactive as crafted and announced a game called The Lamplighters League, which may resonate with XCOM fans.

It may not be a sci-fi/military setting, but The Lamplighters League has a striking similarity with other strategy games. What sets it apart from them is the setting. Not to use the trope I just pointed out, but it has an Indiana Jones feel to it.

The Lamplighters League

A charming announcement trailer shows three treasure hunters uncovering the secrets of an ancient tomb. When confronted by military excavators, they show off the different skills they use to deal with aggressors. One uses his quickness and stealth to escape, another uses his brute strength and guns, and another uses her feminine wiles and hand-to-hand abilities.

The trailer also has a bit of gameplay to check out. There are more than the three characters from the cinematic with different specializations. The Lamplighters League will be coming out in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It will also be coming to Game Pass on day one.

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