Tacticon 2023 Strategically Seeking Speakers

Shaping the Program 

Every strategy gamer knows that part of having a great strategy is planning. Of course, a plan comes together in a team effort. So, developing a team is essential. Today, Hooded Horse and Firesquid announced a call for Speakers for their upcoming Steam Strategy Convention, Tacticon 2023. The convention is focusing specifically on strategy games and is allowing players to get more in depth with the games they love. Of course, a press release provides more details on the panels being featured. Additionally, fans of the convention can check out the Tacticon 2023 trailer for a look at what’s to come. 

Tacticon 2023

Tacticon 2023, is the key strategy game event of the year. It will be featuring even more panels than ever, more let’s plays, live streams, and additional content. Currently, the event is hosting panels such as The Art of War: Applying philosophical principles to modern strategy games” and “The Sword and the Brush: The role of art and visuals in tactical warfare”. However there is still room for more projects. Importantly, Tacticon also provides developers with the chance to show off their game with lets plays and more. 

The event is taking place from May 11 – May 15 on Steam. Of course, those looking for what’s coming in the event can take a look at the trailer. Check out the trailer for the convention below. 

Tacticon 2023 is taking place May 11th-15th. Developers still have until March 24th to submit a project for inclusion to the event. So, what are you hoping to see? For more information visit the TactiCon website.