Next Fortnite Crossover Event is with Attack on Titan, According to Leaks

The brand of Fortnite has become almost synonymous with crossover events, from Thanos to The Witcher, and even including real, currently-alive people. Naturally, in a world this hectic, anime crossovers are no stranger here. Naruto, Dragonball Z, My Hero Academia, it’s all here. And next up on the list? Attack on Titan.

Chapter 4, Season 2, March 10th of this year. That’s when the Big Guys and Fast Boys are schedules to land in Fortnite’s already-insane world. Naturally, Attack on Titan’s famous mobility options are expected to reach the game too – as a cosmetic item. It’s unclear exactly how big the potential Attack on Titan crossover will be in Fortnite, but more information should come to light as we get closer to the season’s start date.

Leakers have also revealed a general theme for the update: that of “Neo-Tokyo”. We aren’t currently clear on how extensively this theme will apply to the game, but luckily we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Are there any hopes in particular you have for an update like this? Any special characters or show events you think would translate well into Fortnite’s style? Will you be grinding out the event pass? Make your voice heard in the comments down below!