Forgebeast Unveils its World In Announcement Trailer

To the Centre of The Earth 

It’s time for a journey. Through fire, monsters, and worse. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Today, Digital Piledriver Studios is happy to unveil it’s new title, action-adventure game, Forgebeast. Combining a hand drawn world with beat-em-up action style gameplay, the game is delivering unique combat to players. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, players can check out the brand new announcement trailer for a look at what they can expect. 


Forgebeast follows the story of Mosh. Mosh is a Chosen Blacksmith who battles slag monsters made of pure metal. However, when her daughter is stolen she begins a quest to the center of the world to get her back. Importantly, Mosh is not travelling alone. She is joined by her companions known as Forgebeasts. These beasts transform into different weapons that grant Mosh powers to defeat the monsters beneath the crust of the earth. Of course, all of the adventures that await players take place in a hand-drawn world that comes to life with the beat-em-up action of the game. 

Importantly, players can get their first look at the world in the announcement trailer. Watch how to take care of, upgrade, and use your pet in combat. Additionally, players can get a glimpse of the art style and gameplay. Check out the announcement trailer below. 

Forgebeast is currently in development. Importantly, a KickStarter for the game is coming in a few weeks. Additionally, players can head over to the game’s website for more info. So, are you ready for your very own Forgebeast?