Victoria 3 Announces Music Pack After Melodies for The Masses Update

Music for the Commoners 

Songs are always a reflection of an era. They become the voice of the people. So, a game about a specific era of time needs to have music that shares the feeling. Today, Paradox Interactive is happy to announce the release of a new music pack for their grand strategy simulation, Victoria 3. Celebrating last week’s Melodies for The Masses update, the new music pack is a nearly hour-long and provides music specifically composed for the update. A press release provides more details about the music pack and Melodies for The Masses. Additionally, players can get a taste of the music pack in a new trailer. 

Victoria 3

Victoria 3 introduces players to the era of revolutionary advancements. Of course these advancements include new machines, expanding empires, and political endeavors. Of course, players take on the rule of an empire and are in charge of every choice it makes going forward. Importantly, players choose which empire to lead between  the time of 1836-1936. 

The Melodies for the Masses update includes major changes to the trade interface, new military and diplomatic options and features. Of course, the update also contains its very own music. Importantly, the new music pack provides players with songs that tell the story of the evolution of peasant and farm life in the 19th century. Check out a glimpse of the music in the teaser trailer. 

Victoria 3  is available on PC via Steam. Currently the game costs $59.99. Recently, Paradox Interactive has just celebrated 500,000 copies of the game sold worldwide.