Counter-Strike 2’s Reveal Broke CS:GO’s All-Time Player Count Record

Counter-Strike Creates So Much Hype

1,519,457. Concurrent players. All playing the existing Counter-Strike game, awaiting the new installment.

Imagine what might be possible when it’s not just a wait for news anymore.

As you might expect, this data comes to us through SteamDB/Steamcharts, where the game blows past its old numbers to achieve an all-time record.

Even beyond the usual hype train stuff, it’s not hard to see why players would want to get back into the game. Counter-Strike 2 will pull an Overwatch 2, and let players carry items and progress into the new environment. Might as well earn some rewards now, and prepare yourself for a whole new experience, right? But there’s also a theory going around: that Counter-Strike 2’s beta will only be given to those who’ve spent a lot of time in CS:GO. So, playing the game right now seems like a huge win-win.

Just to put things in perspective, the most populated capital city in the United States is Phoenix, Arizona. It exceeds the concurrent playercount of Counter-Strike… by only about 100,000. And that’s just the concurrent players – only those who were already actively playing, or were aware of (and drawn in by) the hype. The actual playberbase of Counter-Strike? Well… it’s marginally higher, to say the least.

This hype train seems capable of producing its own lift, soaring above the clouds and rocketing around at unheard of speeds. People are very excited to see this venture from Valve, and it’ll be interesting to see how they all react once the game releases. Surely it won’t disappoint, right? Right?