Put the Smack Down With WWE 2K23 Icon Edition


It’s that time of year. Some people wait around for Christmas, Halloween, Summer vacation, but the annual announcement of a WWE game is also very special. We were lucky enough to be given a preview of WWE 2K23, but now we can check out the heavyweight content of the Icon Edition.

As always, there are multiple editions of every WWE game. This game is no exception. There is the standard, Deluxe, Cross-Gen Digital, and Icon Edition, all of which come with different tiers of content.

WWE 2K23 Preview

If pre-ordered, the standard edition of WWE 2K23 comes with the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack. This includes a playable Bad Bunny character and a Ruby Bad Bunny MyFACTION  Card. The Cross-Gen Digital Edition also comes with the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack. If purchasing for PS5, it will come with a copy of the PS4 version and vice versa.

The Deluxe Edition is where content gets more hefty. Players with this edition will get the Season Pass, which includes 5 DLC packs, and the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack. It also contains a Ruby John Cena MyFACTION Evo Card, Emerald Bianca Belair MyFACTION Card, Gold Asuka MyFACTION Card, Gold Edge MyFACTION Card, and 3 Basic Premium Launch MyFACTION Packs. It also contains a MyRISE Mega-Boost, SuperCharger, and 3 days of early access.

WWE 2K23 Icon Edition comes with all of the above, plus a lot more. The Ruthless Aggression Pack the Prototype John Cena character, Prototype John Cena MyFACTION Card, Leviathan Batista, Throwback Randy Orton, Throwback Brock Lesnar, John Cena Legacy Championship Belt, and WrestleMania 22 Arena. The Icon Edition also includes an Emerald Paul Heyman Manager MyFACTION Card and 3 Deluxe Premium Launch MyFACTION Packs.

WWE 2K23 comes out on March 17th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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