The Cycle: Frontier Announces Season 3 With New Enemy “The Howler”

The Howling Grows Closer

Extracting with that sweet, sweet, loot is about to get even harder prospector. A new menace is arriving on the planet of Fortuna III, and it strikes from above. Today, developer Yager is happy to unveil the newest PVE enemy to their PVPVE extraction shooter, The Cycle: Frontier. Arriving in Season 3 of the game the new enemy, called the Howler, offers an even more dangerous experience for the prospectors that come down to the planet. A press release provides some more details about the future arrival of Season 3 and the Howler. Additionally, a new developer diary discussing the Howler, gives players some bone-chilling information on the creature. 

The Cycle

The Cycle: Frontier places players above, and on, the dangerous planet of Fortuna III. Your goal is to gather as many resources as possible and escape with your life intact. Easier said than done when everyone, and everything, on the planet is trying to kill you. Now, even the very sky holds a deadly threat. As the first flying enemy, the Howler poses a unique threat to players. 

Importantly, if players aren’t careful they can attract the Howler’s attention. Of course, this will result in a battle for your lives as you face off against the  massive airborne beast. Furthermore, it is not without its tricks. Getting the Howler to 50% health will cause it to be come incredibly aggressive unleashing its special Howl Attack, which will affect everyone in line of sight. Lucky for you, only one Howler can be active at a time. Hear what the developers have to say about this monstrosity.

The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 arrives on March 29th with a whole host of new content. Currently, the game is available on Steam. So, are you ready for the Howler?