Vampire Survivors Free Update Takes Us to Bat Country

Can’t Stop Here

Poncle Games has given gamers an incredible amount of value in their hit game Vampire Survivors. The current price is just $4 and the DLC is just $2. Players have poured hundreds of hours into the game without breaking bank. Still, they are putting out free updates, like the one released today.

Legacy of the Moonspell added a new map, several new characters, and new weapons. According to the Steam page’s patch notes, the new update adds a lot of the same kind of content. However, most of it is unlocked in late-stage progress.

Vampire Survivors

Poncle Games likes to let fans play naturally and unlock secrets on their own. However, there are players who like having goals set for them. In the Vampire Survivors patch notes, there is a “full spoiler” section that shows you exactly what is added and how it is unlocked.

If you reach level 80 on Mad Forest with the Inverse mutation, you will unlock Bat Country. In this special challenge stage, there are two relics. One unlocks the Charm power up and the other unlocks the Morph power up for the skeletal character Mortaccio. Mortaccio gains new abilities when Morph is active. There are also three new achievements, which will unlock along with their respective relic/challenge.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and mobile. It is available on Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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