SMITE x Magic The Gathering Crossover Launches with Fire Giant Update

Planeswalkers and Gods 

With the Smite World Championship (SWC) concluded it’s time for a brand new season. Today, Hirez Studios ushers in Season 10 of their MOBA Smite. Of course, with season 10 comes the anticipated Magic the Gathering Crossover. Importantly the Crossover is bringing the world famous universe of, Wizards of the Coast’s, Magic the Gathering to the battleground of the Gods with a lot of skins. A press release provides more details on the crossover. Additionally, the trailer that premiered at the SWC gives players a look at some of the skins that are arriving with the crossover. 


Importantly, the crossover between Smite and MTG is bringing some of the CCG’s most famous characters to the battleground. For instance, players can expect to see famous Planeswalkers like Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Karn, and Atraxa. Yet, that isn’t all. The second update of the crossover will bring five more skins to the battleground. Of course, with the arrival of the Magic crossover comes the Fire Giant: Surtr. 

Furthermore, players can check out the trailer from the SWC. The trailer shows off some of the greatest Planeswalkers in history facing some of the strongest Gods of the battlegrounds. Check them out in action. 

So, which MTG skin are you most excited for? Will you be jumping into the crossover? Currently Smite is available for free on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. What characters are you hoping get skins? What MTG characters do you hope to see on the battlefield of the Gods?