Razer Reveals Cutting Edge Announcements at CES

Pushing the Boundaries 

New technologies are always surprising and exciting to hear about. Especially when that tech is cutting edge from Razer. Today at CES, Razer was proud to unveil several new products that fans can be excited about. From a new gaming chair with built in surround sound, to the latest in gaming laptops. There is a lot that Razer is bringing to the table, and a lot to look forward to for Razer fans. A press release provides more details about all of the new announcements.


Importantly, Razer is kicking off 2023 with some of their most advanced tech to date. For instance, gamers can look forward to experiencing the Razer Edge 5G. A new handheld gaming device ideal for an always-ready mobile gaming experience. Of course the system is being developed exclusively for the latest Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform. This means that the console is developed specifically with long gaming sessions in mind. 

However, this handheld isn’t all that Razer was announcing. Razer was also proud to announce the most immersive gaming chair system to date with the introduction of Project Carol. The world’s first head cushion featuring surround sound and haptics. Of course, the system features real time pure audio, paired with 7.1 surround sound for a captivating gaming experience. 

Additionally, Razer, at CES, also announced a whole new generation of Razer Blades. The newest generation of Razer laptops is designed specifically for a modern gaming experience. Importantly, player can check out the latest generation of Razer laptops here

So, are you happy about the latest announcements from Razer? What are you most looking forward to? 

SOURCE: Press Release