Backpack Twins Brings Puzzle Platforming to the Switch

Time for One to Become Two 

It’s time to control not one but two characters. Jump, duck dodge, and prepare to take over time. Unleash twin-sanity. Today indie developer Amata is proud to announce the Nintendo Switch version of their puzzle platformer, Backpack Twins. Featuring fair but challenging gameplay, Backpack Twins introduces players to a world divided by two. Of course a press release provides more details on the game and what it entails. Additionally, a new Switch trailer gives players a look at the retro art style and gameplay. 

Backpack Twins

Backpack Twins places players in control of not one, but two main characters. Making their way through multiple different retro styled levels, players will swap between both of the Twins as they embark upon this adventure. Importantly, players will navigate a world of retro platforming gameplay. Ducking, dodging, jumping, and controlling time, players will need to solve multiple puzzles, navigate different levels, and grab collectibles.

Importantly, players will have access to the extremely responsive controls. Of course, these controls mean the game is suited perfectly for speed running which will, obviously, be a facet of the game. Additionally, as players become more and more used to the controls they will be able to develop the skills necessary to gather the collectibles. These will unlock more and more content for the game, meaning there is always more to explore. Of course, players can check out the game from the new Nintendo Switch trailer. 

Backpack Twins is available on the Nintendo Switch today. So, are you ready for some Retro platforming adventures?