Guntech 2 Bringing Ship Blasting Action to the Nintendo Switch Today

Twin Stick Action

Welcome to the mayhem of space. Pilot your ship into battle, blast everything in sight and navigate various winding levels. Today game developer Jani Penttinen is happy to announce the Nintendo Switch release of their twin-stick shooter, Guntech 2. The game brings action with a classic feel to it. Inspired by games like Geometry Wars and Asteroids, players will fly and blast their way through various levels with a classic feel. A press release provides more info on the Switch version of the game. Additionally, a launch trailer gives players a good look at the game. 


Guntech 2 introduces players to levels of non-stop, hardcore, twin-stick, action. Piloting their own ship players, with up to three other friends in co-op, will make their way through several distinctive worlds. Of course each world contains eight distinct levels and a boss fight. Importantly, players will not be without an arsenal of weaponry to deal with their foes. There are 20 different weapons included in the game. Additionally, each weapon comes with different characteristics and styles of play. Players will need to experiment with different combinations of weapons on their ship to figure out which weapons are their favorite. Of course, players can have up to three weapons at a time on their ship. 

Players can get a better look at the game from the new launch trailer. The trailer gives players a look at the art style, the level design, and some of the weapons. Take a look below. 

Guntech 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch. So, are you ready for some twin-stick action?