Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition Is for Art Collectors

Simply Divine

The new Fire Emblem game is coming out in under two weeks. If you plan on getting it, you may want to consider which edition you want. Obviously, there is the standard edition of Fire Emblem Engage, but there is also the Divine Edition.

The Divine Edition comes with several physical art pieces. There is a poster of the box art, an art book of characters, costumes, and colors, as well as different character cards. It also comes with a steelbook case and a collector’s box with all items inside.

Fire Emblem Engage

The art cards appear to be heroes from previous Fire Emblem games. These characters can have their powers called forth with the Emblem Ring mechanics new to Fire Emblem Engage. Heroes you can Engage with include Marth, Sigurd, Blythe, Lyn, Corrin, and Celica.

There is a significant problem with Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition. It is unavailable pretty much everywhere. The Nintendo online store has it listed, but does not have it available for pre-order. The same goes for Amazon and many other retailers. There are reports of live pre-orders on some sites, but you are really going to have to look to get your own.

If you do find a Divine Edition to secure, it should cost you about $100. Whether or not it’s worth it is for you to decide. Perhaps it will become easier to purchase on or after launch day.

Fire Emblem Engage will be coming out on January 20th, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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