Miillia Cosplay Walks Fans Through Her Cosplay Creation Process

Miillia Cosplay Feature

Welcome back, cosplay fans! It’s time for the weekly COGconnected cosplay feature. This week, we’re looking at the stunning and detailed work of Miillia Cosplay. Miillia is a Brazilian cosplayer, propmaker, and seamstress. And her gorgeous cosplays are incredibly complex. She’s brought to life a variety of classic and modern video game girls. These cosplays all have one thing in common: she’s worked wonders to make them as detailed as possible.

Miillia is incredibly gifted at filling in the blanks. If she can’t find a cosplay reference, she crafts something new and beautiful. Her work can be used as a reference for other people’s cosplays.

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Princess Peach – Mario

Booette – Mario

Kyoko – River City Girls

Android 18 – Dragon Ball

Jack-O Valentine – Guilty Gear

Elphelt Valentine – Guilty Gear

Noel Vermilion – BlazBlue