Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator Unveils Video With Chef Mickaël Braure

The Life of a Chef 

Do you think you could cut it in the restaurant business? Is your culinary dream capable of greatness. Well it’s almost time to find out. Today NACON and Cyanide Studio are happy to dive into more details about their upcoming restaurant simulator, Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator. In a new video NACON interviews famous chef Mickaël Braure about the authenticity of Chef Life. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Of course, the video offers a more in depth talk about the game itself. 

Chef Life

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator allows players to take the reigns of their very own restaurant. Starting from a brand new local café, all the way to a Michelin Star phenomenon, players will be in charge of everything. Of course, this means that they will be responsible for the success of their restaurant. From the design of the furniture in the dining room, to the tools of the trade. Additionally, players will even have the task of recruiting their team. Even things such as managing your finances, and of course, your menu will all be up to you. The true success of your restaurant is in your hands. 

Furthermore, the game is hyper realistic to its core. Famous chef and former Master Chef contestant, Mickaël Braure, sits down in the newest developer video and goes over the authenticity of the game. Check out the video below. 

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator is releasing on February 23rd. It will release on PC via Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles. So, are you ready to become the chef you’ve wanted to be?