Astroneer Expands the Universe With Awakening Update Today

The Heart of The System 

Prepare for a conclusion to your adventure across the solar system. A journey right to the heart of the galaxy. Today System Era Softworks announced the 25th update to their award winning sandbox game, Astroneer. With now over 11 million players the recent update, titled “Awakening”, is bringing about the end of Astroneer’s main story. However, support for the game will continue despite the ending of the story with more updates coming later on. 


Set in the 25th century’s age of exploration, Astroneer puts the player into the suit of a frontier explorer. Of course, exploring a new frontier means you will need to unearth new mysteries and maybe more importantly: survive. Players will build bases, vehicles and manipulate the terrain to create anything they would want. Exploring, developing, and following an overarching story is the goal of the Astroneer adventure. However, being a sandbox game, players have the freedom to follow everything at their own pace while they travel an open solar system. Furthermore, players do not have to go it alone. From playing with your gastropod pets, to playing with your friends in multiplayer.

The Awakening update is functioning as the finality of Astroneer’s narrative initiative. The update will take players to the heart of the Sylva System, where they will receive a strange mission from a mysterious new character. Check out the trailer for the update below.

Currently Astroneer is available on on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The update is free to everyone who owns the game. So, are you ready for a brand new adventure?