Against the Storm Adds QOL Updates as Early Access Continues

Taming the Storm 

The storms advance. The next steps in the fight against the storm are upon us. They are thunderous. Today Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are excited to reveal the next updates for their fantasy city builder, Against the Storm. With the latest updates, players can expect to see brand new mechanics, as well as quality of life updates. A press release provides more details about the latest updates to the game. Furthermore, players can check out the release trailer from a few months ago for a better look at the game. 

Against the Storm

Against the Storm places players in control of a shining city amidst a world engulfed in a constant dark storm. Players will need to build up their settlements, constructing and levelling up new buildings. Exploration is especially important when it comes to fighting back against the storm. Of course, distinct biomes exist around your settlement. They can be useful. Yet, you need to tame the wilds outside your settlement. 

The newest updates arriving in Against the Storm introduce brand new mechanics. Namely, the first wave of “Rainpunk” mechanics. These introduce a brand new blightrot system. The Rainpunk Mechanics also allow players to fully master their environment. It’s always raining so why not harness the environment for good. A brand new resource: Rainwater. 

Against the Storm is available now on Steam Early Access. Currently the game costs $19.99. So, are you willing to face the storm? Or will you, instead, by swallowed by it? Prepare yourself, for the endless rain.