Moonshine Inc Bringing Two Major Expansion- February

Moonshining Is Hard Work 

It’s time to get back to business. As in, making and distributing moonshine. Welcome to the industry. Today Klabater is happy to announce that there will be many updates and two expansions coming to their simulation and strategy adventure, Moonshine Inc. Importantly these updates range from quality of life updates, to brand new features. Of course, a press release provides some more details on the updates coming. Additionally, a brand new fifty minute presentation video dives into all the details of Moonshine Inc. in depth. 

Moonshine Inc Demo

Welcome to the Appalachian mountains. Here, you’re gonna find a couple things important but nothing more important than making moonshine.  In Moonshine Inc the player aims to build an illegal brewing empire without falling prey to the law. Of course, the players will follow a storyline that will introduce them to a whole cast of characters. These individuals will either help or hinder your business, you’ll need to find out which is which as you become a moonshine master. 

The two expansive updates coming in February are introducing some brand new mechanics to the game. First of all, the introduction of new “police quests” serve as a way for players to reduce global alert level. Importantly these function as side quests and vary in objectives. Additionally, players can also look forward to the introduction of a sandbox mode. Here, players will not need to worry about the main missions. Instead, they will have freedom to change the game as they wish. Become a moonshine god. 

Moonshine Inc. is currently available on Steam. The game is $25.99. So, are you ready to get shining?