Mirror Forge Unleashes Insanity- Prepare for Multiversal Horror

Fear and Grief 

The time has come. Prepare to learn the true insanity, the darkest fear, that lurks within grief and guilt. Today MystiveDev and Dread XP are happy to announce the release of their psychological horror game, Mirror Forge. Out now on PC, the game takes players on a journey into a broken mind. A press release provides more details about what horrors await players. Of course, a new launch trailer transports you to the world of Mirror Forge. 

Mirror Forge

Mirror Forge introduces players to Thomas Jackson. A man who shatters his life while drunk driving. The accident put his girlfriend into a coma, and killed their unborn child. Of course, Thomas is a destroyed man wracked with guilt. However things get worse. His journalist girlfriend, after recovering from the coma he put her in, disappears without a trace. Left with only one clue, her last report, Thomas must embark on her trail. Only to find a nightmare awaiting him.  Players will travel through different dimensions, defenseless, with only their wits. Solve puzzles and learn the truth about the disappearance. While otherworldly occurrences are threatening your very life. 

Importantly, players will need to get used to travelling between realities. From claustrophobic passageways to plagued towns, and ancient houses. Prepare to enter a multidimensional nightmare, stalked by horrifying unearthly beings. Take a look at the launch trailer for a glimpse into the darkness. 

Mirror Forge is out now for PC via Steam. So, are you ready to enter a nightmare driven by grief?