Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Will Feature Hand Tracking 2.0

A New Form of Control 

Imagine it, accessing information on fleets, crossing star systems, giving orders. Now picture it all with the wave of a hand. Today Fast Travel Games is pleased to announce that they are bringing the power of hand tracking 2.0 to their upcoming VR action roguelite, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game. Of course, the game is set within Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris universe, but is bringing a more personal approach to players. A press release provides more details. Additionally, an announcement video provides players with even more info. 

Ghost Signal

Ghost Signal offers players a unique adventure in a far off galaxy. Exploring distant stars as the captain of a ship, the adventure is truly up to you. Importantly, this means every choice you make is up to you. Choices have the chance of affecting things beyond your imagining. For instance, befriending or offending an alien species may result in a space wide war. Yet, don’t worry. Dying is part of the game. Be ready to command a few different ships. 

Of course, leading your ship in the VR space is getting even more intuitive. The addition of hand tracking 2.0 allows players even more control in the game. For instance, they are able to open menus with the wave of a hand, easily move about the galaxy by dragging space around them, and strategically aim at an object to interact. Get a better understanding from the announcement video. 

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is set for release early in 2023. It will be available on the Meta Quest 2. So, are you ready for a whole new adventure?