Action FPS Neon White Hits PlayStation Platforms In Mid December

Action FPS Neon White Hits PlayStation Platforms In Mid December

Annapurna Interactive is a major video game publisher that provides different types of games for fans. Some of its titles include Twelve Minutes, A Memoir Blue, Solar Ash and Outer Wilds. Annapurna Interactive teamed up with Ben Esposito for Neon White. They worked in the past on Donut Country and won a BAFTA for What Remains of Edith Finch. The game launched on other platforms in early 2022 and the company has announced that it will hit PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 13th.

The game is described as a lightning fast single-player action game where players must exterminate demons. Furthermore, players will enjoy various elements in the game including platforming, puzzle solving and a social link system to play with others. On PlayStation 5, players will run at 120hz across the board and the SSD will reduce load times significantly. Moreover, players can use the console’s adaptive triggers to make each Soul Card feel special through Controller Haptic Feedback.

Neon White cast keyart

In the announcement trailer for the PlayStation launch, viewers get a look at the game’s high intensity and fast pace as the protagonist dashes through various levels and enemies. White, an assassin who was hand picked from hell, is given the opportunity to kill other demon slayers and may be given access to heaven as a reward. Players will have a great time in the game trying levels over and enjoying various speed running challenges across various levels.

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