9 Reasons Gaming Is More Than Just a Hobby

Many uninformed individuals see gaming as a waste of time. However, they don’t know that there are various benefits of this hobby that make it more than just a simple pastime activity. Here are some of the perks that you can expect if you take up video gaming.

It lowers stress levels

For starters, many gamers report lowered stress levels during gaming. Immersing yourself in a completely new world provides you with a chance to escape your everyday worries for at least a little bit. As games come in all sorts of genres, players can find what suits them most and unwind. It works just like other hobbies like reading, painting, gardening, knitting, or golfing. Moreover, competitive gaming can work extra wonders as it forces the individual to be in the moment and not think about anything else.

It can boost fitness

Although many games are associated with sitting in front of a computer for a prolonged period of time, not all games work this way. Nowadays, there are different kinds of games that people can explore that require them to move their bodies. For example, VR technology allows us to move around the room we are in and explore a virtual world. Then, there is wearable tech that lets us play various sports like tennis in a virtual environment. Lastly, there are also games like the Dance Dance Revolution series that help players work out if they decide on a demanding song.

It helps with hand-eye coordination

To be successful at gaming, you need good hand-eye coordination. By gradually getting better at games, people develop asymmetrical hand-eye coordination, which can be very useful in various other situations later on. Games like League of Legends and Call of Duty require players to use the mouse and keyboard simultaneously in a coordinated manner. The same goes for using controllers. This skill can be useful in a variety of professions; for instance, surgeons can benefit from it.

It enhances eyesight

Even though staring at a screen all day long has its cons, it also comes with some pros. For example, a study concluded that gamers perceived color contrast better. That means that people that regularly play games on quality monitors with quality graphics cards become more responsive to varying hues of color. Some people even report never having to use reading glasses.

It makes us feel accomplished

Games are also good for boosting our motivation and helping us feel accomplished. Seeing as how every game comes with some sort of goal or objective, you’ll work hard to reach them. Once you achieve them, you will feel better about yourself and believe that you can achieve whatever you want. So, whether you choose to test your gambling skills by finding the best online casinos on casinotopsonline.com or simply work hard to keep your Sims alive, you will feel validated in the end.

It improves brain health

Research shows that gaming for at least half an hour a day can improve three areas of the brain. For one, the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for social behavior, cognitive planning, and decision-making, is positively affected. By playing games, you are developing skills that allow you to plan and analyze certain situations. Then, the right hippocampus also grows with gaming, thus allowing you to process and consolidate information, which improves both short- and long-term memory. Finally, your fine motor skills are also boosted as the cerebellum is also altered.

It aids with critical thinking

Each game level comes with a certain difficulty, which means that you have to devote some time and thought to it to conquer it. No matter if you’re playing single-player or multi-player, in most cases, you have to come up with a strategy that will help with your critical thinking and problem-solving. Moreover, decision-making is also impacted as you will sometimes have to make split-second decisions to progress.

It increases our memory capacity

As we said, the right hippocampus grows as we game, which means that our memory is also impacted. Many titles require players to pay attention to various details and remember them for upcoming levels. Some games come with useful cheats that players remember instead of having to look them up every time they need them. Plus, this has a long-term effect too.

It provides us with socializing opportunities

Finally, we cannot overlook all the social benefits of gaming. Contrary to some beliefs, video gaming is not an isolating activity. People are easily able to find a community of like-minded people online that can result in some life-long friendships. From playing in teams in co-op games to watching a streamer and making friends in the comments, there are countless ways to socialize while gaming.

As you can see, gaming is more than just a hobby. It can help us grow in many different spheres of life as well.