Stray Is Currently 20% Off On Steam

A Cool Cat 

Ever wanted to be a cat? What about a cat in a dystopian future? Good news, now you can for even cheaper. BlueTwelve Studio’s adventure game Stray is currently 20% off on Steam. Offering a unique adventure experience to players, the game allows players to take on the role of a cat. Winning the award for Best Indie Game and the Best Indie Studio Debut at the Game Awards 2022, Stray has proven itself as a contender for greatness in the realm of gaming. 


Stray is the 3rd person cat adventure from BlueTwelve Studio. Set in a dystopian future, players take on the role of a tenacious and adventurous cat. Of course, players will be met with various challenges across a decaying city populated by robots. Adventure throughout the city and uncover the mystery of what exactly happened here. As the cat, players will meet a whole cast of characters including their tenacious drone friend B12. Players will need to employ stealth, smarts, and cat like reflexes as they aim to escape the city before catastrophe. 

The game aims to provide players with a wholly unique take on an adventure, puzzle game. In this world, players can see an Earth without humans, an Earth with only robots, Cats, and maybe something more. 

Stray is currently available for 20% off on Steam. The game costs $29.59. So, are you ready to jump into life as a cat? What are you waiting for, get going and explore.