Two Point Campus DLC Will Be Out of This World!

Make it So

Good education means teaching our up and coming work force for jobs of tomorrow. Two Point Campus gets this. That is why they teach culinary arts, wizardry, and jousting. However, we also need to look beyond our own planet. That is why the first major Two Point Campus DLC will set its sights on the stars.

The DLC will be called Space Academy. It appears that the DLC will be set in space, though aliens coming down to Earth would hardly be the strangest thing in the game. Space Academy will be have a number of courses necessary to prepare future astronauts. These include low-gravity training and one-on-one staff-combat training.

Two Point Campus DLC

This Two Point Campus DLC will also draw extraterrestrial life forms to your school. Aliens of all kinds will become students and staff members of your intergalactic education system.

With Two Point Studios being as self-aware as they are, it is kind of unclear exactly what this DLC is going to be all about. Thankfully, Space Academy is only about a week away. It will launch for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on December 6th. Nintendo Switch players will have to wait until December 12th to play it.

Two Point Campus is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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