Sci-Fi Adventure, The Invincible, Unveils New Trailer- “Life on Regis III”

Welcome to Regis III

Step into a brand new world. Alone. With no other humans around in the slightest. It’s almost time to face the unknown, it’s a matter of life and death. Today, studio Starward Industries and 11 Bit Studios are excited to once again give players a look at their upcoming game, The Invincible. A new trailer, titled “Life on Regis III”, gives players a brief and beautiful look at the game’s world. The trailer gives more details about the world players will be exploring. 

The Invincible

The Invincible introduces players to the astrobiologist Yasna. Awakening on the strange, dangerous, surface of the planet Regis III, Yasna is quickly thrust into a life-or-death rescue mission. Importantly, she must search the planet for the remains of her missing crew. Of course, she will dive deeper into the mysterious disappearance of them. Prepare to face mind-bending phenomena, uncover dark secrets, and rethink the the consequences of ambition. A tale of when humanity, perhaps, goes to far. 

The new trailer gives players a beautiful look at the planet they will be exploring. Of course, the trailer shows off the environment of Regis III. From the high, sharp, peaks to the deserts and even the weather. Additionally, the trailer also goes into the darkness that may be lurking on the planet. 

The Invincible will be releasing on PC and consoles next year. So, what do you think about the wonderful destination of Regis III? Is it looking like your next fantastic far-off vacation spot?