Overwatch 2’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Its Upcoming Hero Ramrattra

Overwatch 2’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Its Upcoming Hero Ramrattra

Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch 2, a free sequel to the first game in early October, 2022. The game has had mixed feedback since its release. However, the company is preparing to release Ramrattra, their upcoming hero, into the game. The hero’s launch will coincide with the launch of Season 2 on December 6th. To celebrate the launch, the developers have released a new gameplay trailer. The game is available for free on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Ramrattra will be a tank with a relentless aura and ability to fight for the survival of his people. The upcoming hero is described as a tempo character, who can combine various playstyles and transition between Nemesis and Omnic forms. Furthermore, based on the gameplay trailer, Ramrattra is able to deploy shields to protect his thief while putting out substantial damage, using both his staff and melee options.

Overwatch 2

Moreover, in Overwatch 2 Season 2, players will get their hands on a lot of other new content including the battle pass which features cosmetics, skins and more. To unlock Ramrattra, players must either grind through the battle pass or spend $10USD to unlock him automatically by paying for the Premium Battle Pass. This method for unlocking new characters was under scrutiny and faced criticism since the game’s release, as it feels Pay To Win.

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