Lil Gator Game Is Coming Out for the Lil Gamers Next Month

See Ya Later, Lil Gator

Alligators get a bad rap, getting mixed in with crocodiles. They are actually super cute and playful. This is evident in the upcoming Lil Gator Game. This lil adventure is developed by MegaWobble and published by Playtonic Games, the team behind Yooka-Laylee.

Earlier today, Playtonic announced the release date for the game with a cute trailer. The art style looks like it was lifted out of a cartoon. You play as Lil Gator. His world is full of his animal friends for you to interact and do all sorts of activities with.

Lil Gator Game

There is no epic plot or grand tale to see from this trailer. Instead, we can see Lil Gator just enjoying life. Players can skip rocks, ride waves, balance on tree branches and powerlines, and a lot more. You can grab a camera and take photos and selfies with all your favorite animal friends.

There also appears to be customization and dress up options for Lil Gator. The trailer shows him in several different outfits, including an adventurer, princess, and bucket helmet items. Lil Gator Game focuses on a no-pressure approach. All the enemies are literally cardboard cutouts, so take them on at your own pace.

Lil Gator Game will be coming out on December 14th for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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