In Nightmare Terrifying PC Gamers on November 29th

Nightmares Become Real 

Welcome to the darkest of nightmares. The bad news is that for this one, you can’t wake up. Today Maximum Games are excited to announce the release date for the PC version of their narrative-driven horror adventure, In Nightmare. Following a previous release on on the PlayStation consoles earlier this year the PC version, releasing November 29th, will include everything released for the game to date. A press release provides more details on the PC version. 

In Nightmare Art

In Nightmare introduces players to the vividly dark dreams of a young boy. Having closed himself off to the world to avoid his pain, the boy falls into a deep and dark sleep. The child awakens in a nightmarish dream-scape with, seemingly, no escape. Players will experience gameplay full of diverse and challenging puzzles while also dealing with stealth and chase elements. Of course, you are never alone in this dreamscape. In fact, the forms of horror you will experience are very real. Importantly players must help the boy locate the last pieces of love and light in the nightmare, or be stuck forever. 

Of course, players can check out the launch trailer from earlier this year for a better look at the game. From the horrors that await players in the nightmare, to the art style, and more. Check out the trailer below. 

In Nightmare is arriving on PC on November 29th, 2022. The game is currently available to wish list on Steam. So, will you delve into the nightmare?