God of War: Ragnarok Fan Unearths Unreleased Photo Mode

God of War: Ragnarok’s Photo Mode Gets Discovered by a Fan

God of War: Ragnarok launched to the gaming community this week. Since its public release, fans of the franchise have been itching to return to the nine realms with Kratos and Atreus. Devs have promised that more features will be coming to the game in future updates. These include the game’s iconic photo mode.

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Long-time fans of the franchise are well aware that the photo mode is their only chance to put a smile on Kratos’ face. With that said, the photo mode is one of the game’s most highly anticipated features. However, it would seem that one God of War: Ragnarok fan got ahead of themselves.

The fan managed to find the mode’s unfinished version before its official release. A shared video on social media shows Kratos with many facial expressions. This is a breath of fresh air especially considering that Kratos is always grunting and brooding in the game. Plus, it has also come to light that God of War: Ragnarok players can also play around with Mimir’s and Atreus’ facial expressions as well. 

As previously mentioned, Santa Monica Studio is going to release the mode’s finished version in the future. This is pretty much the same with how they rolled it out for 2018’s God of War game. Fans are speculating that the finished product is going to have even more features than the one that is circulating on social media right now. Unfortunately, there is no time frame on when the update is going to drop.

The gaming public’s reception of God of War: Ragnarok has been primarily positive. Multiple critics have reviewed as being a successful balance of both story and gameplay.

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