Front Mission 1st: Remake Unveils Fresh Gameplay Trailer

Front Mission 1st: Remake Unveils Fresh Gameplay TrailerĀ 

Front Mission is a very popular strategy and role-playing game, featuring mechs in combat. At Nintendo Direct, Forever Entertainment along with MegaPixel Studio, the game’s developers, announced that a remake of the game will be heading to the Nintendo Switch. The game will release on November 30th via the Nintendo eShop. Today, the companies have released a fresh gameplay trailer showing off elements of the game’s remake.

Players will be thrown into the future, in the year 2090, where armies are using large machines known as Wanzers. Soon enough, the world has plunged into a massive war as the O.C.U and U.C.S. vie for control of territory. Players, as Royd, will embark on an adventure to find out what happened to his wife, Lieutenant Karen Meure, who went missing. Along the way, Royd will uncover many mysteries and unravel various conspiracies behind the war, while meeting cool characters and fighting.

Front Mission 1st: Remake features updated graphics, a legendary soundtrack, the game’s original soundtrack and new game modes to enjoy. Players must be prepared to choose their side in the war of the two armies. Furthermore, in the one-minute trailer, viewers get a first look at the game’s graphics, combat gameplay and maps. Front Mission is a revered franchise with a long history and a remake of these titles can be enjoyed by many in the new generations.

What are your thoughts on the Front Mission franchise? Have you enjoyed it in the past? Are you interested in the release of Front Mission 1st: Remake? Will you be checking it out on the Nintendo Switch? What do you think about the gameplay trailer? Are you ready to join the battle? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.