A Walk With Yiayia, Brings a Heartfelt Journey, Out Now on Steam

A Thoughtful Journey 

Prepare for a journey with your grandma. A story about confidence, history, family, and love. Indie developer Trent Garlipp is happy to reveal that their new short pixel adventure, A Walk With Yiayia, is available on Steam. Released on November 3rd, the game aims to tell a heartfelt story while allowing players to explore a relaxing environment. An official release trailer gives players a look at the game and its art style. 

A Walk with Yiayia

A Walk With Yiayia is a story of a first generation immigrant and her grandson. Importantly, players will interact with the environment around them, completing mini-quests for neighbors, and talking with their grandma as they walk. Of course, the premise of the game is to help their grandma after a fall has shaken her confidence. Yet, the game is one without fail screens. In fact, it is a relaxing adventure game that mixes itself with a visual novel experience. 

The experience aims to reflect on what different generations can learn about each other, while leaving their individual comfort zones. Presented in a pixel art style, players can explore a whole beautiful and relaxing environment. Of course, the new trailer shows off the gameplay of the game as well as the cozy art style. You can check it out below. 

A Walk with Yiayia is out now on PC via Steam. Currently the game is available for $13.59. So, are you ready for a peaceful adventure about the past? Are you ready to take a walk with Yiayia?