V-Rising Introducing Halloween Update

A Very Vampiric Halloween

It’s time for over 1 million vampires to prepare for Halloween. It’s going to get spooky. Today Stunlock Studios has gone into more detail about their upcoming Halloween plans for their vampire survival game V Rising. Of course with the day of spookiness on the horizon the update is bringing fear and chaos. A press release provides more details on all that’s coming with the update. Additionally, a new trailer shows off the horrors that await you vampires, as well as, the free-to-play weekend announcement. 

v rising sold one million copies

For those unaware, V Rising is an open-world RPG set in a fantasy world. From fledgling vampires to powerful vampiric lords, players will need to learn to survive in a world that wants them dead. Of course, players will feed on the living to gain new powers, collect resources to build their fortress, and hide from the burning light of day. Importantly players can prepare for even more with the arrival of the Halloween update.

Firstly, and perhaps most exciting, the Halloween update introduces the new Mad Hunt server setting. This setting adds new chaotic elements to your game of V Rising. For instance the locations of key resources will be randomized, new technologies will be added, and new spells as well. Of course, you can get a look at everything coming with the update in the new trailer for it. 

V Rising is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. The DLC pack arriving with the Halloween update is available for free from October 24th-November 7th. So, who is excited for Halloween?