Unusual Findings Gets Spooky Today With Release

A Classic Adventure 

Are you ready to embark on an adventure inspired by the classics. There will be mystery, adventure, and of course, aliens. Today Epic Llama Games is happy to announce the release of their 2D pixel art adventure, Unusual Findings. Aiming to provide a choice driven point-and-click experience like no other. A press release dives into details on the game. Additionally, the Halloween release trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect. 

Unusual Findings

Unusual Findings introduces players to  Vinny, Nick, and Tony. Three boys on a quest to decrypt a pay-per-view adult channel but instead, they find an alien distress signal. With this knowledge the adventure begins into a world steeped with 80’s nostalgia. Of course, players will explore a 2D pixel art environment making game altering choices through point and click adventure. 

Players will experience a sci-fi coming of age story that pits them against the unknown. Choices that players make will affect the game. Everything from how relationships unfold, to the events you experience, are all dependent on the choices you make in game. Of course, everything you experience in game is also set to a banging soundtrack of synthesizer tunes. You can check out the Halloween release trailer of the game to get a feel for what you’ll face. 

Unusual Findings is available today on Steam and Xbox. Additionally, it will arrive on PlayStation soon. Currently, the game costs $22.79. So, are you ready for the 80’s themed adventure of a lifetime? Get ready then.