Scorn Receives Spooky Praise in New Halloween Accolades Trailer

Praise for Scorn 

Kepler Interactive has hit it out of the park with their horror adventure Scorn. Described by COGConnected as a dark, creepy and uncomfortable experience, Scorn nails its vibes. Apparently, many seem to think so. Today, Kepler unveiled the Halloween accolades trailer. Of course, the trailer goes over exactly what makes Scorn great, while showing off a glimpse of what players can expect. 

Scorn introduces players to a hellscape of biochemical weaponry and horror that could drive one mad. Players will navigate a labyrinth full of leftover machinery, manipulating it to achieve their goals. Importantly, players will search the maze for any hope of surviving this hellish world. Though it appears desolate, it is not empty. Many horrors call the maze home, and it will be up to you to scrape by unscathed. 

Scorn is not for the faint of heart. As you can see in the accolades trailer, many critics find the game to be nightmarish. Of course, this is the point of the experience. Enter a world beyond your darkest imaginings and prepare for the worst. Learn the rules of this nightmare, and attempt to uncover the truth of what you see. So, check out the accolades trailer and see how critics felt playing through Scorn.

Scorn is available now on PC, via Steam, and the Xbox Series X/S. Currently, it is also available through the Xbox Game Pass. So, will you be entering the nightmarish world of Scorn? Are you brave enough to face the maze?