Square Enix Shows Off Winter In Harvestella And Much More

Square Enix Shows Off Winter In Harvestella And Much More

Square Enix along with developer Live Wire recently announced their upcoming farm simulator game, Harvestella. The game is set for release on PC and Nintendo Switch on November 4th, worldwide and interested fans can hop into the game’s demo on the Switch today. Today, the team has unveiled some content for the game including its winter locations, additional jobs, FEAR enemies and more. Interested fans can pre-order the game on Steam at a price of $59.99USD.


In winter, players will be able to head to the Holy Capital Argene where the Winter Seaslight is located. Here, the protagonist along with Aria must explore and uncover the mystery behind the Winter Seaslight, where there is a prophecy of an imminent and impending disaster. Moreover, players will have access to a new job, the Mercenary. The Mercenary uses a mysterious weapon to fire bullets. Also, in daily life, players can carry out Faerie Orders and earn rewards in various ways.

Additionally, players that complete Faerie Orders will receive benefits such as faster farming tasks and leveling up fields. Furthermore, as expected, players will have a ton of crops and vegetables to reap during this period in Winter Seaslight as well as cooking options. In terms of adventure, players can head into dungeons and encounter powerful enemies called ‘FEAR’. They are formidable opponents that will drop powerful accessories.

What are your thoughts on Harvestella? Are you interested in the game’s release? Do you enjoy farming games? What aspect of the game are you looking forward to the most? Which piece of content today did you enjoy from the latest release? Did you try the demo on the Nintendo Switch yet? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.