Nintendo Treehouse Gives Us a Deep Dive Into Harvestella

Harvest Crops and Harvest Monsters

Farming games have a certain magical feeling when made by indie developers. When Square Enix makes one, it is an entirely new animal. Harvestella mixes the relaxing gameplay of a life sim with the monster-slaying elements of a high fantasy RPG.

Earlier this week, Nintendo Treehouse premiered the demo for Splatoon 3, as well as a lengthy gameplay demo of Harvestella. The synopsis of the game is that the main character, who obviously must have amnesia, is discovered by a village. After a crystal meteor falls from the sky, an opportunity arises for you to discover more about your origins.


The gameplay demo shows drops us in a farm that’s already up and running. You can typically start off your day by watering and harvesting crops, like you would in Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. After that, players can explore outside of the town, where there are monsters to fight. They yield seeds and other resources that can’t be found just from farming.

Like some of the other farming sims, Harvestella’s gameplay includes a stamina and daytime mechanic. Managing these two elements are crucial to leading a balanced farming/hunting lifestyle. Many of your actions consume time and stamina, but there are also ways to replenish stamina that players may discover.

As you progress the story, your character will meet other people willing to join your party. This might not have too much effect on your farming, but they will prove to be quite useful in battle. Harvestella will be coming out on November 4th for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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