Potionomics Opens for Business Today

Let’s Get Brewing 

You ever wanted to own a magical shop where you can brew potions? How about owning a shop in a fantastic magical world? Well now you can do both. Today XSEED Games is happy to announce the official release of their new management sim, deckbuilding game, Potionomics. The game combines two different genres of strategy to effectively bring a world to life. A press release provides more info on the game’s story and mechanics. Additionally, a launch trailer let’s players get a peek at how the potions are made. 


Potionomics places players in the shoes of Sylvia, a young woman who inherits a potion shop. Taking place in the magical world of Rafta, players will meet a whole cast of fantastic and fun characters as they develop and sell potions. Importantly, the game combines elements of deckbuilding as well as a management sim. Players will work through their days, playing their cards right to manage Sylvia’s stress while also making the most money possible. Of course, as a potion shop, players must also work on developing the best potions. However, if you don’t be careful you may get some less than desirable results. 

Players can get a look at everything that is waiting for them in Potionomics from the new launch trailer. Check out characters, the shop, and more as you prepare to enter the potion business. 

Potionomics is out now on PC via Steam. Currently the game is available for $24.99 with a 10% discount. So, are you ready to get brewing and make yourself a potion empire?