Patch Quest, Roguelike Monster Catcher, Planning Release- 2023

A Canvas of Genres 

Ever wanted to catch your own monster? How about ride it to navigate a treacherous labyrinth? Well there’s good news coming for you. Today Curve Games and Lychee Game Labs are happy to set the release date for their upcoming monster catcher, roguelike, Patch Quest. A press release provides more details on this genre bending adventure. Additionally, an explanatory trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect from the roguelike, metroidvania. 

Patch Quest

Patch Quest introduces players to a massive and dangerous maze. Players enter the role of explorers. Entering the maze with their trusty lasso, players must tame monsters in order to overcome the dangers of the labyrinth. Of course, each monster provides unique skills applicable to different challenges. For instance, some monsters will allow you to burrow, some will let you surf, glide, and more. The maze is ever-changing so players need to be ready to adapt their plans on the fly and prepare to face the dangers of the maze. 

Today, a massive new update arrives to Patch Quest. It adds a large amount of new content. For instance, players can now explore two new challenging zones: Rust and Crystal. Of course, both of these new zones come with new monsters, new dangers, and new challenges. Players can check out the new “what is it” trailer to see what Patch Quest is all about. 

Patch Quest is releasing early 2023. Currently the game is available in Early Access on Steam. So, are you ready to jump into the maze?