New World Unveils Rollout Plan For Upcoming Fresh Start Servers

New World Unveils Rollout Plan For Upcoming Fresh Start Servers

Amazon Games released their latest MMORPG, New World, to much fanfare and hype. Unfortunately, many players and critics felt the game missed the mark. However, since then, the developers have been pouring time into the title and have announced Fresh Start Servers. The servers will be released on November 2nd, and the team has unveiled its rollout plan as well as an FAQ to assist players. Interested fans can get their hands on the game here at a price of $39.99USD.

new world blunderbuss new endgame content

On November 2nd, the developers will release four waves of servers starting from 4P.M. UTC until 7P.M. UTC. In total, players can look forward to thirteen new servers to enjoy. Furthermore, players will not be allowed to transfer their characters to the new servers and all new content in the game such as the Brimstone Sands Update will be available.

In the game, players head into Aeternum for a great adventure filled with puzzles, dungeons, raids and large-scale and arena PVP modes. Additionally, players can enjoy the game’s most recent update, Brimstone Sands. In this update, players will be able to enjoy a new zone, the Greatsword Weapon, Heartgem Abilities and much more. The game has undergone a great revival as it was initially shunned by the community. Once again, it has been proven that developers that consider community feedback will improve their product.

What are your thoughts on New World? Have you tried it since its release? Are you interested in returning to the game for the new servers and update? Did you check out the Brimstone Sands update yet? What aspect of the update did you enjoy the most? Will you make a new character on the servers? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.